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It is a framework for creating distributed applications based on HTTP protocol.

It allows to get a web server with all features (dynamic pages, AJAX/JSON) in any application.
Also It is possible to create high-scalability and high-performance systems.


DodoNet is a network of nodes. The HTTP messages go from node a other,
even they can skip between nodes if communication direct does not exist.

In figure of below It shows two separated networks in which Node 1 send message to
Node 4 through Node 3.


When a node receive a message, it is assigned to a module that process it.
After this process the module to create a reply to send back to node that sent it.

Note that modules are used like plug-in. They are called applications. A node can have multiples applications.
A application have got methods that other node can be execute remotely.

In other hand, if you would want to create a web server, it would be necessary to add a special application to node.
This application have got a methods that allow process a request HTTP and generate a reply.


Each node is identified with unique name. This name can be used to send messages nevertheless you can use node IP
if you know it.

  • All connections are TCP
  • NAT-Traversal
  • Compression of HTTP content with GZIP
  • Support AJAX and serialization JSON
  • Support upload HTML Form with any type of input, even files by using type of content.
  • Include module JavaScript to call remote methods
  • Kernel thread-pool is SmartThreadPool
  • Interpreter of dynamic pages similar to ASPX inspired on modules of Mono.NET
  • Dynamic language used is JScript.NET. I used source code from Rotor proyect SSCL to debug.
  • Module for distributing message to groups to which belong multiples nodes.
  • Module for management connections or session between nodes.


LightApp is simple application that allow create a executable like Windows Application and Windows Services.
It a only executable that you can execute like application with simple double-click on file in Windows Explorer or,
execute as Window Service because let you install easily. When LightApp is started it read a script with
language JScript.NET in which for instance, you can create a main node and add it modules, or it is up to you.

LightApp has important advantages in debugging time, because you can execute like regular application to be debug.

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